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Know The Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges Before Decide

When we talk about kitchen cabinet door hinges, then we will talk about one type of kitchen hardware that has a very important role in maximizing the function of kitchen cabinets. Normally, we would do the replacement using hinges when we find any damage or intend to replace it in order to bring a fresh look to the kitchen as a whole. Do a makeover on kitchen cabinets by replacing the doors and hardware is such easier way and more affordable is mostly done by many homeowners, especially when the conditions of kitchen cabinets owned is still very strong and sturdy. If we intend to update the look through the kitchen cabinet door hinges, so it's good to know how many hinges that need to be replaced. Most kitchen cabinet with a height under 50 inches only requires 2 hinges, while the kitchen cabinet with a larger size, it may take a number of additional hinges that can support the weight perfectly. As this is one of the essential elements of kitchen cabinets, it will be very important for us in choosing the right hinges. If necessary, we can request the assistance of a professional to help choose the right type of hinges before deciding to proceed with the installation. Another thing to note is the fact that the hinges are present in various shapes hence we will probably need advice on the best type of hinges for kitchen cabinets.

Here are some types of kitchen cabinet door hinges can we learn before deciding to choose the one that fit the needs.

(1) Butt hinges - this is one type of hinges which is also known as mortise hinges are commonly used for kitchen cabinet doors. Butt hinges have two metal leaves connected by a pin and very easy to install. Additionally, butt hinges are very strong type of hinges and ideal for kitchen cabinets which incidentally has a very high level of usage. (2) Butterfly hinges - this is one of the hinges which have plates shaped like a butterfly with a pin cylinder between the plates. Butterfly hinges also known as dovetail hinges and a type of highly decorative hinges. Typically, this type of hinges mounted so that it is ideal for use in kitchen cabinet doors lighter. (3) European hinges - this is one type of hinges which is also known as concealed hinges or cup hinges are designed so that where one part is the cup of the hinge and the arm, while the other is the plate. If we had a kitchen cabinet with doors that do not have a frame, then this is the right type of kitchen cabinet door hinges to be applied. (4) Wraparound hinges - this is one type of hinges with a U shape that encloses three cabinet door edges. When the kitchen cabinet doors that we have are overlap, then this is the right type. Moreover, this is a kind of hinge is very strong because of the designs offered.

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